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Welcome back to this two-part series on working with forms this is video two and in this one we're talking about quizzes let's go ahead and get started there are two types of forms in Microsoft forms one is the type that we covered in the previous video there I covered how you can add background images use these different question types like stars add logos and do branching if you want to really learn about those features go back to the previous video because they will still be pertinent to quizzes let's first start by creating a new quiz we are going to play the role of a home economics teacher that's teaching a course about baking so we're going to say here's a baking quiz and then we can also say Home Economics in the subtitle there we go the next thing we're going to do is add a question and we have a number of options here but the one I want to choose is choice when we create questions we really want the student to be thinking about what it is that we're asking so I'm going to ask a question that many might consider a bit of a trick question here but if you're paying attention you probably knew this already in baking what are considered wet ingredients and here we can go water sugar add an option flour add one more option and we'll type milk why might this be a trick question if you're familiar with baking then you know that in most recipes in baking sugar is actually considered a wet ingredient now let's take a look at the preview for this quiz as you can see right now the student can only choose one but we certainly have more wet ingredients here than just one so let's go back what we can do is a multiple answer and I don't know if you noticed over on the left hand side here they go from radio buttons which are circles to squares not too noticeable when you do it but when you click on the preview button you'll find that now you can answer with as many options as you want the student must be required to answer this question so we'll make that required and then we'll add some points to it now what you assign for points is completely up to you you could add 100 points for this or it could be 1 point it doesn't really matter a lot of teachers a lot of educators might have it add up to a hundred but that's your choice I'm just going to make this worth 5 points as a reminder just like forms anytime you make a change they're automatically saved so you can see saved up there as we're typing the form we'll just save so I'm asking a new question down here and I'm going to choose text this is going to be a conversion question

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Is there a way to connect Microsoft Forms with Dynamics 365 with the help of Microsoft Flow or any other connector?
Here are some links that I found on the net regarding your question. I hope that they help.Connect from Microsoft PowerApps to Dynamics 365Microsoft Forms and Flow - Power Users CommunityRegister and use custom connectors | Microsoft Flow
Why has my Microsoft Form stopped sending form responses to the corresponding spreadsheet?
It might be related to the fact that I had the spreadsheet for results open on my desktop version of Excel connected to Office 365 when I submitted the form. However, I have since made a copy of the form and sent through a test response - still no responses going through. This is after 8 responses went through with a problem!For more details, I can confirm the following:The form is active and accepting responsesThe spreadsheet is still connected to the form as it links to it from the ‘responses’ page on the form page when I click ‘Open in Excel’ (see below) - and no, it is not in another tab on that spreadsheet - I have checkedResponses have gone through as it shows them in the responses tab (see above) but there are only 8 that have gone across to my spreadsheetIf anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!!Thanks,Steve
How can you change the email notifications recipient of a Microsoft Form?
It looks like Microsoft Flow is the way to go right now. Here’s an article that might help: How To Notify A User Of Newly Submitted Microsoft Forms Response Via Email.You’ll find access to Microsoft Flow training resources here: Office 365 Training Portal | FlowAnd there is a Microsoft UserVoice request for this functionality to be available directly in Microsoft Forms — you can find it here: allow form responses to be sent to an email or multiple emails. we are trying to use Microsoft form instead of google docs to no availHope some of that helps,Graham