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Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
James S.
James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
William G.
William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
Denis B.
Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


Should I use Google Forms or Jotform?
Honestly, in terms of overall functionality, there's no question that JotForm is above Google Forms. Loads more integrations and capability. Google is a search engine company that happens to make online forms, JotForm has specialized in forms for nearly a decade.
How does Wufoo compare with Jotform?
Jotform is much more affordable solution however Wufoo offers more options and is much more user friendly. For the novice, Wufoo would be the choice... however their is a new kid on the block that you may want to check out
What is the best form builder software? Is there a better one than jotform?
I would like to recommend you to try The Lost Paper as it can be exactly what you are looking for. User Interface should be considered with high importance, when you are looking for the best way to manage your forms for your business.One of the best features of our form builder software you can Create your own electronic form or checklist by simply drag and dropping all your needed fields to build your custom one.You can access all data and reports from any web browser. Quality checks, safety measurements, and compliance can be done in minutes.Since data's are already digitized, you shall just print the report or forward to anyone for auditing.Notify all users ( Admin / Manager / Employee / Fieldworkers ) by push notification messages.All your users can create tickets and assign to anyone in your Organization.The Lost Paper - An App that transforms you and your paperwork. It lets business to design forms in Web and users can access from smartphones and Tablets.You must go for free trial and for more details you can click here : Form and Checklist Builder Application.
Does JotForm work well with Tumblr?
I have tried embedding the code in several ways to a Tumblr text post -they suggest using embedding the script in the html of a text post, but met with little success. I also tried embedding the source code to no avail. If however, you embed the script in a video post - similar to how I suggested posting a PollDaddy poll to Tumblr here How can you add a poll to a Tumblr post? - then that works both in the dashboard (users must click play to see the Jotform), and on the your blog perfectly.Hope this helps. Dan :)
Which online form builders allow to upload files/documents?
There are a lot of form builder software which allows uploading of documents/files in the forms.However, I am going to recommend the one which I have personally used.Heard of FormGet form builder?Using FormGet, a user can freely upload files and documents up to 50 MB.It supports jpg, gif, png, tif, doc, zip, pdf, rar, docx, ppt, mp3, mp4, all these formats and a few more.Futher, it has a Dropbox integration. So, whatever files a user uploads, it will directly reach your Dropbox account.So, I guess these are the major attributes you were looking for.Moreover, you should go for FormGet because:You can upload media files and paragraphs to the forms. (something UNIQUE!)Integration of PayPal and Stripe for collection of payments.User can use multiple currencies for payments.Does real time form validation.Self-hosted forms.Embed to any web page or your own website.Autoresponders for automated message on completionEmail notification to the user and admin on successful submission.Allows custom branding.It has a smart drag and drop builder for creating forms.Offers 260+ free pre-built templates which can be used with customization.Allows conditional logic for fields.Google Analytics Tracking Code for each form.Canned replies.Data security along with SSL encryption.Multilingual forms.So, this was the gist of the software I rely on.There are a lot more features I can boast about. However, I would suggest you to take a test drive of FormGet to decide for yourself.It has a free trial in which you get complete access to all its features, right from basic to advance.I generally create a form using for my newsletter. But you can create a range of forms like payments form, subscription form, lead generation form, appointment form, booking form and this list really goes on.Thanks!
What are the best form builder services?
Hi there,According to my experience, I think there is no better option than using FormGet as I personally used it on my website.I know building a form in your website will definitely help you to make your website more user-friendly also, it helps you to connect with your users directly.FormGet form builders service make your work easy by creating useful forms which are helpful in creating contact forms, registration forms, donation forms and a lot more.All the form creation process is very easy because of simple drag and drop options included in the software. The FormGet software is highly customizable that’s why I can make form according to my requirement by doing easy changes in the form. These changes can be background color, text font and more.One can personalize their forms with various templates to get a better look at their website. Also, I am allowed to add my company logo and a custom color scheme to let my brand shine.Further, this software helps you to collect payment online with the help of integrated payment gateways in it. These payments gateways are PayPal, Stripe and more.The best part is I am able to collect money online using two methods these are-One time Payment method - In this, I am able to collect payment in a more secure and easy way.Recurring Payment method - in this method you can collect money at regular intervals of time, say monthly, quarterly, yearly.Now if we talk about applying logic in our form then the feature called conditional logic included in the FormGet software by which you can do branching of your forms in an easy way. After applying this conditional logic feature you are able to show or hide the field entries according to users submission.One more thing that I found interesting is I am able to track users IP Address from where the message has been submitted. Moreover, it permits me to see the Country from where the user belongs to, I can see the Web Browser that user has used while submitting the form and a lot more.I am able to share form links online with my users as the FormGet software allows me to share my forms on various social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter and more.If you want to know more about web form maker software then go through the link given below - Best Software To Create FormsGive a try to FormGet you will definitely not get disappointed.Hope this has helped!!!Thank You.
What is the best alternative to JotForm?
Paperform is definitely worth checking out. It offers the wide variety of templates that Jotform does, but it also allows you to brand and customise those templates as much as you want. The immense flexibility of Paperform means that there’s not much you can’t do with it. Paperform also offers:A beautiful UI. Paperform is intuitive and is as easy to use as a word doc. You can get a stunning form up and running in less than 5 minutes.1000+ in-app integrations which allow you to automate all your workflows, push data to spreadsheets, create PDFs and graphs from responses and so much more!Payment processing. Paperform makes it easy to accept payments using Square, Stripe, PayPal and Braintree.Paperform also happens to be the most upvoted form builder on Product Hunt.P.S. I’m a co-founder of Paperform, and thus might be a little biased.